Individual Sessions

I use an Integrative approach, which includes Person Centred, cognitive behavioural and some psychodynamic therapies during each session. I will approach you with sensitivity and avoid judgement. You will be offered confidentiality during your therapy.

We will agree a first session at a counselling location. This will allow us to gain a sense of comfort to enable us to work together. Once you engaged, you can choose to work either short or long term, you can decide which topics to work with.

Sessions are offered at an agreed time slot, on a weekly basis. Each session lasts for an hour. I suggest six sessions at first, then you will receive a review where you can then decide to attend further sessions.
I agree this process may not suit all clients, or is no easy fix. Hopefully we will gradually work towards your chosen goals, to support you through your therapeutic journey.

I have received positive feedback by various clients. . Perhaps you feel that you could benefit from therapeutic counselling……..