Welcome to my Practice

Hi my name is Mandy, Thank you for visiting me.

I am an Integrative counsellor, I have developed my practise, from working with various clients from all walks of life, with various personal challenges. I offer Cognitive Behaviour therapies, Person Centered and psychodynamic . I tend to work with clients with a holistic approach, encouraging clients to work with the whole self. I consider clients’ values and beliefs allowing clients to examine their own thoughts, feelings and responses.

I also encourage clients to make themselves feel safer and more "grounded" to try and reduce those wobbly feelings that some people may experience, who frequently live with anxiety/ depression. I encourage clients to help themselves with their relationships. I deal with many issues: Trauma, various addictions, employment issues, dementia and carers, loss and bereavement, abuse and others. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have about possible counselling with me.

How can clients make contact with Pupa Counselling